Spring Concert

Daviot Village Hall

Spring is here and the Inverurie Orchestra is playing two bouncy vigorous spring like pieces in a short matinée concert on March 24th.

Overture in C Major - Fanny Mendelssohn, sister to Felix, wrote only this single orchestral piece. She was a significant composer and wrote much more just some of which was published in her lifetime for she was subject to the prevailing gender prejudices of the early nineteenth century. Her father wrote to her, "Music will perhaps become his [i.e. Felix's] profession, while for you it can and must be only an ornament". It is light and happy and pleasantly more than ornamental.

Of Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony one critic wrote, 'Perhaps more than any of the others, (it) gives us a feeling of true spontaneity; the notes seem to fly off the page as we are borne along on a floodtide of inspired invention. Beethoven himself spoke of it fondly as "one of my best works”'. The orchestra is well exercised by the notes flying off the page as we move through the invigorating dancelike rhythms. Come and join us at Daviot for a real spring treat.

Conductor: Chris Gray
Leader: Aden Mazur


  • Mendelssohn-Hensel Overture in C
  • Beethoven Symphony No. 7
Inverurie Orchestra Orchestra
£10.00 Standard ticket
Free Under 16s
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