Kathryn Joseph

The Barn

Intimate, fearlessly frank, and resonating with profound emotional depth, Kathryn Joseph's unique musical expression first captivated audiences with her 2015 album "Bones You Have Thrown Me And Blood I’ve Spilled," which earned her the prestigious Scottish Album of the Year award. Her subsequent release, "From When I Wake The Want Is," continued this tradition of devastating honesty and understated intensity, showcasing her mastery of heavily rhythmic piano work, striking vocals, and vivid lyrics. With a newfound muscular edge and textured depth, this album further solidified Kathryn Joseph as a force to be reckoned with in the music scene. 

In April 2022, Joseph unveiled her latest offering, "for you who are the wronged" which quickly garnered attention and was shortlisted for that year’s SAY Award. If "From When I Wake The Want Is" was a plea for love's return, "for you who are the wronged," represents her unyielding determination to defend it at all costs. In January 2024, a five-track EP was released featuring reworkings of songs from "for you who are the wronged" by producer and collaborator Lomond Campbell. This EP takes the delicate instrumentation of the original record and elevates it to new heights—bigger, bolder, and stronger, yet still retaining the raw emotion and vulnerability that defines Kathryn Joseph's signature sound.

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