Pupils of Aberdeen City Music School: Kian Kolahzadeh

Part of St Andrew's Cathedral at Noon Recital Series
St Andrew's Cathedral

Part of the St Andrew's Cathedral at Noon Recital Series of free 30 minute concerts, every Saturday at 12 noon

Recitals are followed by a buffet lunch. Donations to Cathedral funds are gratefully received.

Kian Kolahzadeh is a young classical pianist from Aberdeen, Scotland. He joined Aberdeen City Music School a year ago and studies with Christopher Baxter. He was a finalist in the 2023 Aberdeen Music Festival and has taken part in many other prestigious competitions across Scotland. Kian is hoping to have a full career in piano performance and is already well on his way.

Aberdeen City Music School (ACMS) is one of six Scottish Centres of Excellence for music education, providing exceptionally capable young musicians with the opportunity to reach their full potential. ACMS pupils receive two hours of lessons on their principal study instrument per week, as well as time for a second study instrument, music theory lessons, music history classes, aural classes, and ensemble playing opportunities. ACMS is a boarding school and pupils have access to state-of-the-art facilities, including a recital venue, practice rooms, and a recording facility. ACMS pupils perform regularly, both internally and externally, and many go on to study music professionally and become successful musicians. One of the highlights of the school year is the March Concert which takes place at the Aberdeen Music Hall. This prestigious event showcases the talents of the school's ensembles and soloists to a packed audience. Come and hear us! Our pupils love to perform and are passionate about sharing their music with others. Future concerts are posted on the ACMS website and are free to attend.


  • J.S. BACH Prelude and Fugue No. 9 In E Major, Book 1
  • MOZART Movement 1 of Sonata in C minor
  • SAMUEL BARBER Nocturne Op. 33
  • AVISHAI COHEN Remembering/Eleven Wives
Pupils of Aberdeen City Music School: Kian Kolahzadeh Piano
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