Harlequin Productions

Ensemble type
Musical Theatre/Opera

Harlequin Productions is a theatre production company in Aberdeen.

Harlequin was originally formed in 1994 to provide an outlet for young performers who wanted to take an active role in Producing and Directing material that they were performing on stage.

Harlequin Productions is dedicated to showcasing the very best of new musical theatre. The company strives to steer clear of jazz hands and cheesy grins, favouring instead nuanced and detailed performance work to create absorbing and affective entertainment. In an age of spectacle, it aims for honesty and simplicity, looking to engage a wide range of audiences through committed and convincing story-telling.

With a reputation for producing challenging shows not typically tackled by other companies, Harlequin were a regular feature on the Aberdeen stage until various work and personal commitments saw a core team disband.

In 2011, the company made a resurgent entry back to the Aberdeen stage with an acclaimed production of "Spring Awakening".

Director and Harlequin stalwart Stuart Mearns is delighted that Harlequin is back where it belongs, bringing fresh, thought-provoking theatre to North East audiences.

Getting involved

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Membership criteria
Welcomed ability Intermediate
Ages Students, Adults
Auditioned Yes