Acorn Centre

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The Acorn Centre is a social enterprise wholly owned by Inverurie West Parish Church to provide hospitality and events services to the wider community. It is managed by members of the congregation and has a small core of paid staff supporting a volunteer team.

All proceeds from the centre are returned to the church to support projects locally and internationally. Our Small Grants Scheme has donated over £28,000 to local clubs, support groups and youth organisations in the Garioch Area.

The Church was completed in 1877 and it's granite spire dominates the local skyline. The Church underwent significant alterations in 2008, the most dramatic external feature being the addition of a striking modern glass porch and glass doors to promote a welcoming and open environment as part of the "Church Without Walls" concept.

Internally, the Sanctuary was moved up to the existing gallery level and a new floor created with flexible seating augmenting the existing gallery pews. This has freed up the ground floor for the hospitality area, gallery space, UBUNTU Fairtrade shop, and meeting rooms as well as office and storage space.

The Acorn Centre, West High Street
AB51 3SA
+441467 670850
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