Aberdeen Folk Orchestra

The Blue Lamp

Younger than the Rolling Stones, better looking than the Proclaimers (ok … maybe) and far cheaper than Bruce Springsteen, the Aberdeen Folk Orchestra play folk music from around the world with the aim to get your foot tapping and put a smile on your face.

Founded in 2019, just in time for Covid restrictions, the AFO finally managed to start playing together in September of 2021 and worked hard on building a highly varied repertoire so they could successfully  play a couple of concerts in 2022.   Five concerts followed in 2023, mainly outdoors with two of them at castles.     In their concerts the set list might contain music from Canada, Ukraine, United States, Denmark, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ireland, Uruguay and, of course, Scotland.

New sets have been added to the repertoire and will be played for the first time at the concert.

Aberdeen Folk Orchestra Folk
£8.00 Pay at the door
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