Pete Stollery


Last night, we bid a fond farewell to a true pillar of the Aberdeen music scene, Pete Stollery. As Pete embarks on a new chapter in England, it's hard not to reflect on his immense impact on our community.

Pete Stollery (centre), with Music Aberdeen founders Sam Paul (left) and Aden Mazur (right)

Through his dedicated work at the University of Aberdeen Music Department, his vital role in the Sound Festival, and his tireless efforts to enhance Aberdeen's musical landscape, Pete has been more than just a colleague or a mentor – he's been the heartbeat of our musical world.

While it's a bittersweet moment to see him leave, we are heartened to know that Pete and his wife Catherine, will remain connected to Aberdeen, promising to be regular visitors and continuing to nurture the musical life here.

Pete, your legacy in Aberdeen is indelible. You've not only shaped the city's music scene but also touched the lives of many with your passion and dedication. We aspire to carry on your legacy. Here's to new beginnings and his wife Catherine and thank you for making Aberdeen a richer, more musical place.